Dietitian with over 25 years experience here to help you with products to stay healthy.

About Us

So, Roslodec.  What's up with the name? My husband Dave and I are in this venture together, and we named the company  after our three greatest achievements- our kids Ronan, Sloane and Declan. This company has been years in the making.  If you look closely at our logo, the "R" and "D" in Roslodec is a different color than the other letters - it alludes to my "RD" credentials - a Registered Dietitian.  All the products we bring to you are recommended for their science-based therapeutic benefits. 

Diabetes is my specialty and a huge part of my career as an RD over 20 years has focused on prescribing diets.  My past training and experience includes leading nutrition interventions at one of the largest clinical trials with the National Institutes of Health. My interest in nutrition science coupled with advancing improvements in large populations brought me to the role of designing diabetes education for a public health department.  I've counseled for corporate America, and clinical settings but counseling for diabetes is where I've logged the most time.  What I've learned I share with you. Be well.


Bachelors Degree in Economics - Southern Methodist University

Masters Degree in Nutrition Science - Syracuse University

Clinical Training - Columbia University


Charitable Donation Give Back

Our creation of Roslodec is borne out of creating products that I know my own family members appreciate for their own health issues.   The same advice I gave to my clients, I practiced on my family as well.  The Roslodec products are intended with making healthy living - easier. 

We're also interested here at Roslodec with helping people who are struggling with getting enough nutrition.  A portion of our profits will be donated to the Save the Children charity which addresses malnutrition worldwide.  My husband and I also want to foster the virtue of helping those in need in our children, whom this company was named after.